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Sports Academy

Albany Junior High students take immense pride in their sport and their school. We cater for this thirst for knowledge and experience with our Sports Academy for Year 9 and 10 students.

Year 8 and 9 students apply for a much coveted position in our Academy where we endeavour to nurture and develop elite performers of the many sports that we offer at Albany Junior High. We currently have and cater for all students performing to a high standard in their respective sport from representative up to International level.

Through extension work delivered both in curriculum and outside classroom time we are able to offer the vital information needed to compete at a high level, from sports psychology and sociology to nutrition and the development of sports performance that is specific to your child’s individual needs. As a new and vibrant sporting outlet we have attracted and continue to sustain direct links with AUT, Massey University, North Harbour Sport and an array of external links with clubs and facilities.

This year our students will enjoy strength and conditioning sessions, competing in the tough guy/gal mud run, boxing and mma, designing a training program to compete in a triathlon and biathlon, Torpedo Get2Go Challenge, AFL tournaments, and specialist elite training programs. 

The purpose is to nurture existing talent, whilst exposing them to various methods of cross training that can be utilised to develop current skills, and push personal limits of performance with an emphasis on variety and fun. Students take part in a number of exciting school trips, the most popular of which is theSurf Life Saving overnight Beach Safety Camp supported by Orewa Surf Club. This is an action packed camp full of exciting challenges and an opportunity for students to experience what it takes to be a competitive Lifeguard. 

We understand the demands that high achieving young sports performers face and we use our incredible facilities and substantial resources to make sure every student is given the opportunity and guidance to reach their full potential physically and mentally in a happy, safe and friendly environment.

In order to be eligible for Sports Academy, Year 8 and 9 students will complete a trial in term four. There is also an opportunity for any students who are new to the school to trial at the start of each year. The trial process consists of completing a letter of application with a reference from a sports coach/ manager, a wide range of fitness/ physical tests and interpersonal tests. Students who are successful will develop life skills such as resilience, leadership and aspiration for excellence as well as enhancing confidence and working cooperatively with others. The Academy program can also prepare students for NCEA and future sporting career pathways.