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Year 7 and 8



At AJHS we follow an Integrated Programme structure to teach both year groups English, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education, Dance and Drama, and aspects of Year 7 Science.

What is an “Integrated Programme”?

A question parents often ask is what is this and how is this different from any other learning?

An Integrated Programme can best be described as learning skills and content around themes and not subjects. Learning in life does not take place in different compartments. An Integrated Programme can therefore be seen as bringing school learning closer to real life learning. The following definition is a good description of integrated learning:

“Integrated curriculum is a way to teach students that attempts to break down barriers between subjects and make learning more meaningful to students. The idea is to teach through a lens that students can identify with, such as global sustainability, financial literacy, and our place within New Zealand.”

Why do we follow an Integrated Programme?

Four reasons to teach an Integrated Curriculum

  1. Unless you have 50 hours a day to teach, you will never get it all in.
  2. An integrated curriculum allows Social Studies to frame your reading, writing, and connections to the real world.
  3. Life is not divided into neat little blocks of time called science, mathematics, reading, writing, social studies, and morning tea.
  4. Problem solving skills soar when we have opportunities to use our knowledge and higher level thinking whilst making connections between, and transferring skills across curriculum areas. We build on each individual’s strengths and abilities whilst they face challenge and develop resilience.

Home Learning aims

  • Relevant
  • Strengthen what has been learnt in classroom (or is about to be, “flipped classrooms”)
  • Short, sharp and interesting

Time should also be allowed for regular sustained reading

Education outside the classroom

The integrated programme includes a wide range of experiences outside the classroom to enhance learners’ understanding. Our unique four year programme includes a camp at every year level.