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Parents and cars still are a concern for the school and we are receiving complaints from the public and businesses.

1. Some Parents are still using the front of the school to pick up students. This road is not designed as a pick up / drop off area and some parents are doing U turns on the road. This is causing congestion on Appleby Road and at times delaying our buses by up to 10 minutes. There have also been many accidents and near misses.

Parents using Appleby Road are also parking in the car park of the ABC Learning Centre opposite the school and this is not acceptable.

2. Complaints have been received from the residents of English Oak Drive about the speed at which cars are driving down the road. Residents have been asked to pass the number plate details of these drivers to the Police. Duty staff have noticed that some parents are parking illegally or turning at the school entrance. This is hindering other parents who are using the school properly

3. Parents using the back of the school are reminded that they should be using the pick up/ drop off zone on the southern side of the tennis court. This area is patrolled by staff to ensure that all students are safe. The area on the western side of the tennis courts is not patrolled by staff and is designated for short term parking. We cannot be held responsible for issues that arise in this area. A staff member is monitoring the flow of traffic as parents enter the school. The only exit from the back of the school during school time is Oakway Drive.